January 4, 2009

Ok..I’m the worlds worst poster. I had the best of intentions to keep this thing updated. but then I got a dog…and a boyfriend. both are adorable and love me very much.


so pictures – thats all we really care about anyway.

This is Brisco on our first day together

Brisco & Me




















Here’s the little chub munchkin over the past few months

Sleeping Brisco












RIding dirty






































Here are my two favorite boys every (that’s Brisco with the new boyfriend). in case you were wondering boyfriend is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had….love him! he doesn’t even laugh at me when I bring my knitting to his tattoo appointments. 


so next post I’ll update you on all my FOs and knit gifts. very excititing


Dark Days

January 29, 2008

so I was holding out for good lighting, but I’ve been working crazy hours. You know what I’m talking about, when you leave the house…it’s dark, and by the time you even THINK about leaving work it’s been dark for hours. I’ve been doing that, so instead of dynamic photos in natural light, you get slightly off focus photos under the florescent lights in my apartment..blah But here it is my first FO of 2008 Calorimetry from Knitty Winter 2006   Calorimetry it came out about 4 inches longer then I wanted, and I only casted on 100 (120 to pattern). I guess I should have done a few less increase rows in conjunction. But being the problem solver I am, I decided not to make the button functional, and bought a really big pretty one from Lamb Shoppe, and sewed it to take up the slack.  FO #2Dishcloth from the Shut Up I’m Counting   Dishcloth This one was a ton of fun, and enjoyed trying a new stich  So…that’s what I’ve finished.  WIP is this guy. He’s had a troubled life. originally I wanted to make Fetching, it took me three tries to get the gauge right (thank all that is good and holy I did a swatch). then I had the right gauge, and I wanted to try the ‘magic loop‘ method of knitting in the round…but I just couldn’t get it right. I need someone to show me in person, instead of trying to learn it from on-line tutorials. So I busted out the trusty dpns. and for some stinking reason I kept messing up the cable stitch, I’d drop a stitch, frog it, redo, mess up. NOT WORTH IT!! so I quit, I’m going to try Fetching some other time. for now I’ve decided to use this super green yarn for the Morning Surf ScarfMorning Surf Scarf  I’ve made it a little more narrow and I like how it’s turning out so far.   Last but not least LYS Goodies   Stitch Markers Stitch Markers  there are two more markers that have already found a home on another project  I found these two at Knit Knack..super soft, have no idea what I’m going do with them yet Knit Knack  I want to knit this (also from the Lamb Shoppe) into the Thermal…I need to do some swatches yet..but I think it will work. Thermal  I will be back to post once my work lets me see the light of day again.  ~D 


January 16, 2008

That will be my Ravelry number…once the 4783 people in front of me get thier invatation.

I think I have my next projects lined up.

Thermal …also seen here, and a work in progress here
Fingerless mitts but I want to get on my Ralelry account first.
and maybe calorimetry

For sure calorimetry, I actually started…but had to frog the whole stinkin’ thing!! so this time I think I’ll decrease it down to 100 stiches, and maybe use some smaller needles. Here’s an idea…MAKE A SWATCH!!

next post I’ll post some pictures of the steal I found at my LYS.

The Stash

January 12, 2008

Here is what I have to knit off this year. I’ll start with the two big uglies that have been haunting me since the beginning of my knitting career.

Cream Homespun from Lion brand:

Cream Lion

As you can see I started a dishcloth from Shut Up I’m Counting’s free pattern page, but I still have a ton left over…that big ‘pile-o-yarn’ is two or three skeins like the one at the bottom of the page.

Rainbow Boucle from Lion brand:

Rainbow Lion

This was a gift from UD and AW a few years ago; I’ve never been able to enjoy knitting this. I’ve tried several projects, but I’m just not a fan of the color or texture. I’m this close to donating this to a LYS as part of their ‘unloved yarn’ basket…unless I think of something great soon.

Various Fuzzy from ??:

Various Fuzzy

I’m pretty sure this is Lion brand again…I guess I had a thing for cheap yarn when I first started. I have a similar problem with this as above, I don’t love any of the colors, and I’ve tried mixing with other colors and textures, but the color/texture is usually lost in the fuzziness of the yarn.

Various Silky from ???:

Various Silky

I love this yarn; I just forget I have it when I start a project. It’s a very fine silky strand; I love how it adds just a little bit of softness and color depending on what I pair it with.

Various Fine from ???:

Various Fine

That teal color in the middle was the yarn I used for MC’s scarf…my first FO of 2008…you know the one I didn’t get a picture of. Anyway, I love all of these colors, and the texture is nice to work with; I keep getting wrapped around the axel whenever I start something with these because the yarn is so fine, I find that I don’t have the patience to start/work on/finish.

German Owl from Zwerger Garn:

German Owl

This is the same yarn that I knit my WIP Socks from. I was planning on knitting another pair of socks from this…but after trying it, I’m not a sock knitter.

Various from Alpaca & Silk:

Alpaca & Silk

This is from Blue Sky Alpacas I think at one point I had a mans scarf in mind, it’s probably still a good idea; I’d have to find a good pattern to make it special.

Various from Olympic:


I just bought this bundle of goodness this weekend. It didn’t photograph well, but each color has this contrasting color sheen to it. I’m very excited about these guys…no ideas yet…but I’ll think of something

Black Purl from Lorna’s Hand-Dyed Yarns:

Black Purl

This was supposed to be another scarf…but lets face it, it’s time to move on. I just don’t know what to move on to..hum. More thought is required for this one.

Roxanne’s Mohair Chocolate Covered Cherries from Farmhouse Yarns


I found this at my local Urban Craftster shop Fancy Tiger I love this shop BTY. I have no idea what I’m going to knit with this…but whatever it may be, it will go to MDE, for getting me started in this whole urban crafting scene.

Chunky Print 83 from Rowan:

Rowan Chunky Print

I did a little purse with this yarn last year, I don’t have much yardage…but I have some ideas mullin’ about.

Cotton DK from Debbie Bliss:

Debbie Bliss

SO soft, might knit up nice with the Rowan above.

Aran from Rowan:

Rowan Aran

There are some gorgeous red and orange flecks in this yarn. I was thinking about knitting it up with the Rowan below (but it’s really lime green) or maybe something orange…I don’t know yet.

All Seasons Lime Leaf from Rowan:

green rowan

Hard to see in the photo…but very LIME, I might knit up a pair of fingerless gloves with this…

Next Post: something new

New Year, New Goals

January 11, 2008

So I’ve done it; I have a blog. I have a few different topics I want to splatter across the www, so I think I’ll start with knitting.

I’m a manic knitter, I got started in college cica 2005 with some scarfs and mittens (it was Michigan…it was cold), but I’m just now moving on to some more complicated projects (like the pair of socks that is only 75% finished). One of my goals is to finish out all of my stash before buying loads of new yarn. I have a feeling this is something many knitters or crafters try and do not usually accomplish. But dang nabit…I’m going to try. so first things. I have my first FO of 2008, and I was so geeked to have it done, I gave it away with out taking any pictures. I’m sorry, I know it’s proably a cardnial sin of bloging not to post pictures…visual culture and all. But I wouldn’t leave you without any pictures at all. So here is my one and only WIP right now

WIP Socks

the yarn is great to work with; it’s German, so I’ll give you all the details I can decipher.

Brand: Zwerger Garn, Opal
Color: something Raspberry
knits up nicely on 2.5 bamboo dpn’s

This was my first attempt at socks…its’ not pretty. I could lie and say I’ll try again, but after completing the fist sock over the holidays I swore (and there was a lot of swearing involved) that I was going to donate it to someone who only had one foot. But Mama said that was horrible (older, wiser…ok) so I cast on to make this sock a pair, and as you can see I only made it about 5 rows in before I decided to move on to something that didn’t require dpn’s or counting.

Next post: The stash